About Us

Entertain and Inform, Our Goals

There are already a handful of blogs that plagued the entertainment circuit the past years that the Internet was in bloom. But, it would not hurt to add another, especially if that “another” is motivated to provide a better quality of entertainment insights.

We are a company of five that specializes in mixing in entertainment and we function to give the web community a whole new recipe for obtaining information online regarding their interests and whatnots.IMAGE00011

We are spearheaded by multi-awarded journalist Jon Andrews who call the shots as editor-in-chief. He was responsible for driving us to do stories that appeal to those who are very much into entertainment. He was the one who encourages us to give no-nonsense takes on entertainment news and updates, movie, music, and TV reviews, celeb watch, and anything and everything under the sun. We even have a dedicated tips page where you can take a guideline or two on handling your daily grind as well as a few indulgences here and there.

It is an understatement to say that our blog is full packed. But we have a full range of topics that will surely tickle your senses and take you up for several spins.

We inform to entertain and vice versa

This blog is out to prove the growing web population that information has many uses in our lives, no matter what kind. Although we are clearly focused on what is up and about in the glamorous world of tinsel town, we do not forget about our responsibility as disseminators of information. We are here to inform and by doing so, we also help educate the public. The manner of our delivery and the quality of our articles will clearly show our commitment to our public.

We hope you will enjoy perusing our blog that’s full of notes on entertainment every things but is also heavy on interesting quips about your other interests and hobbies. We will continue watching over the industry for you, keeping out an eye for every exciting happening or event, whatever that may be. We will walk you through every red carpet affair, every movie or TV premiere, every music launch to give you the lowdown on celebrity world. At the same time, we will never get short of exciting posts on general tips for you so you can manage your household and whatever you are busy about on a daily basis well enough.

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