Cavs Lost NBA Finals Stint, Left LeBron James Heartbroken

It was a hurtful loss alright for the fans of the Cleveland Cavaliers and Lebron James alike to bow down to Golden State Warriors for the 2015 NBA Finals. But, since the battle has concluded, there is nothing much that can be done than to accept the fate and move on. That is the very same mantra of the Cavs’ King James. When all the bashers have exhausted all they had to say, the team’s main man is focused on moving on, motivated to continue doing what he does

 Finally broke his silence

 It took sometime before sporting fans got wind of James’ heartbreak over the finals stint, which ended up with Game 6 on June 16. He kept mum right after the game is done and only posted a message to all his fans on Facebook on June 23, a week after the trophy was decided upon. Here is the full transcription of his FB post c/o E!:

 “It hurts to lose. I’ve been in a funk lately, but this… this is what motivates me to do what I do. How can I ever be down when I know my kids and my fans have my back? Being back home and back with my fans is everything that I dreamed of. Thank you for an incredible season. I’m not satisfied… I’m not happy with the way things turned out… I PROMISE to get better.#‎StriveForGreatness #‎ILoveTheseKids #‎GodBlessOurFans.”

Can’t put a good man down

James was admirable for admitting that he fell short for the performance required to help his team garner the top spot this season. He tried his best, though, averaging 35 points during the finals games. But, with teammates Kevin Love and Kyrie Irving both sidelined with injuries, there’s only so much that he could do. Love took the year off due to a dislocated shoulder while Irving had to tend to his knee concerns.

No one could question the basketball ability of this 6 foot 8 trooper, as attested by his impressive credentials, however. He was in five consecutive NBA Finals since 2010, took home four NBA MVP awards, garnered two Olympic gold medals, and has won two championships, back-to-back. He figured in various All-Star teams, All-NBA teams, and All-Defensive teams. He was also Cleveland Cavaliers’ leading scorer of all-time. He was with the team for eight seasons, from 2003-2010 and back again in 2015. He made a short but sweet stint with the Miami Heat for four seasons and brought the team to their four consecutive finals appearance.

Fans expect James to be back on his powerful feet all the way up to greatness next season, as he promised. The 31-year-old basketball superstar has suffered highs and lows better or worse than this recent blow. As they say, you cannot put a good man down.


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