Here’s What a School Teaches Your Dogs

Not all dogs behave and if you want to make your dog more obedient, you can start training your dog or enroll him in a dog school. Enrolling your little precious to a puppy school will certainly bring more benefits than harm. Here’s what puppy school in Sydney teaches your dog.

Obedience training

dog_school2Obedience training helps dogs learn his role in his family and the world around him. It teaches the dog the skills a puppy like him needs to interact with the people inside and outside the home and with dogs like him in the neighborhood. This training is the first step in teaching puppies’ healthy behavior. It also helps dogs identify and avoid unhealthy ones. Puppy training school Obedience class also teaches simple commands such as “sit” and “stay”.  Learning how not to whine or to sit quietly without begging while the family eats also comes with the Obedience class. The objectives of the Obedience class are teaching your dog how to be a good listener and how to follow instructions and how to behave.

Advance training

Advance training class teaches dogs to respond to various situations and places. This kind of dog training class is usually held in open and bigger spaces. This is to allow dogs to react to various distracting smells and noises in bigger areas. This is particularly applicable in German shepherd dog training to familiarize the dog to the different smells as well as to perform what he must in an environment.


This class is for puppies’ ages 8 to 10 weeks and dogs of 8 months old. In socialization class, dogs are taught to practice what they learn in Obedience class and practice socialization with humans and other dogs and learn what’s acceptable outside their homes or when in other places. It helps dogs enjoy interactions with humans and of his kind.

Whether you trained your dogs at home or with an instructor or in a puppy school in Sydney, always practice patience. Patience is the most important skills an owner must have as dogs can make mistakes or have an accident that oftentimes poses impediments to his learning. Owners must show support during the dog training process as well as the support of other members of the family. It is also helpful to keep practicing the dog of what he had learned from his training class in a puppy school in Sydney. It will reinforce what he has learned from his puppy training class.

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