Humanitarian Work Of Famous Celebrities

In the past, humanitarian work of famous celebrities to the poor were most often made anonymously. Many of the direct gainers of charity did not even know the identity of their donors but today all this has changed. There is no doubt that endorsement of various charities by well-known film stars, musicians and sports personalities, coupled with the celebrities’ own actual high-profile donations.

The look of Africa on the faces of children  - Village PomeriniBattling Poverty and Malaria

Irish pop star Bono (genuine name, Paul Hewson) has been profoundly involved with social and political reasons subsequent to the 1980s. The U2 star’s involvement with the Bob Geldof’s Band Aid and Live Aid philanthropy activities secured his place as an overall legend. From 1999, he has progressively committed himself to relieving third-world debt and bringing issues to light of the situation of Africa.

Since the end of his Elevation visit in 2001, Bono has been effectively battling for debt relief in Africa and has been to numerous African nations. In 2002, he set up an association called DATA, to bring issues of Debt, Aids and Trade issues in Africa. At present, he is campaigning about the issue of eradicating of Malaria, which is the biggest killer in African.


Bob Geldof came up with Band Aid to benefit children dying of starvation in Africa.

He was able to bring together Britain’s top groups of singers and performers to record the single, Do They Know It’s Christmas, which turned into the fastest selling single record in UK music history, raising more than 8 million pound worldwide for aid in Ethiopia. In 1985, Bob went ahead to arrange two Live Aid shows, one in London and the other in Philadelphia, highlighting more than 60 of rock music’s greatest stars performing ‘live’. More than 100 million pound was raised for African starvation relief.

Ecological Warrior

Prominently depicted as a Hollywood heartthrob, young film star Leonardo DiCaprio is a passionate defender of the earth. To encourage more prominent awareness of environmental issues, he actively coordinates with associations, for example, Global Green USA, the Natural Resources Defense Council, the International Fund for Animal Welfare and National Geographic Kids.
His own Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation focuses especially on global warming, which can be fought by reducing greenhouse gas emission and embracing alternatives and renewable energy sources. His worries also extends to reach to keep up to clean water supplies all through the world (DiCaprio estimates that 1.2 billion of the world’s people don’t have entry to safe drinking water) ” and he is an intense promoter of saving the world’s biodiversity.
Fighting AIDS

British artist, writer and piano player, Sir Elton John, is surely known for his support for AIDS foundations. He was contributing benefits from his recordings to the American Foundation for AIDS Research and urging his fans to do likewise. From that point forward, he has worked steadily to encourage more diligently with the disease among the overall population.

The establishment’s work is upheld by John’s own funding, through various raising support events, sport projects, art and photographic exhibition, Oscar events and gala meals organised or co-sponsored by John, now and again with auction of his own and other stars’ personal things.

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