Justin Bieber’s New Controversial Album “Purpose” Review

purpose“Purpose” is Justin Bieber’s fourth studio album. This album presents a mature side of Justine Bieber. He is not just the teen idol and legacy artist but a humble, sexy and charitable person. In this album more humane sides of Bieber are shown. The 21-year-old Canadian pop star has been involved in numerous incidences including being a juvenile delinquent, and this album seem to be getting him back on track.

It is easy to identify with Bieber who though has made mistakes is trying to make up for the things he has done. All he is asking for is acceptance. His childhood may have been lost shadowed in fame. In this album, Bieber explains that though he seems to have a privileged lifestyle it is not free from struggles. “This life’s not easy/ I’m not made out of steel/ Don’t you forget that I’m human/ Don’t forget that I’m real,” Justin Bieber. He is apologetic and promises to show a changed life.

Though the thesis statement “Sorry” seems to be reaching out to an ex it is clear that Bieber doesn’t want to let his fans down. This song depicts the highs and lows of Bieber’s career. The song is accompanied by just a guitar and a trumpet. Most people love the young pop star’s songs and what seem to be well-articulated notes. He lets outs his music effortlessly in an inspiring manner. His performances are epic expressing youthfulness and emotion. This album casts Bieber as an adult. It features songs like “Love Yourself” where Bieber sings “If you like the way you look that much/ Baby, you should go and love yourself.” It is clever and cultivating inspiring women to appreciate their beauty. “No Sense” is well constructed and every person would relate to it.

The song “No Pressure”, features Big Sean is accompanied by acoustic guitars has lyrics everyone would sing to. Bieber is young and expresses the difficulty young people face in making decisions and the intensity of a crush. This album shows that Bieber is truly working on a better him as his lyrics expresses. The young pop star deserves a chance to grow his talent.

Though critics argue that some of his lyrics are vague, Justin Bieber is a representation of the youth. The hard decisions young people face while falling in love and getting broken hearted. However, Justin Bieber’s new album seeks to present a new side of Bieber than we are used to. We can only wait to see if Bieber lives up to his lyrics and his new side.

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