Make Your Party Memorable With Some Eye Candy

An all-male party can be difficult to organize, since they tend to get raunchy. However, you can turn to Sydney topless waitresses as a way to spice up your party. For a bachelor or stag party, they are quite an interesting choice. Usually, you’d get a stripper – but a waitress is also a good option.

Why topless waitresses?

The main reason for getting Sydney topless waitresses is that they are the safe choice. When you get together with the guys, some of them may have significant others. Their SOs probably won’t be exactly pleased if they hear about the “strippers at the party.”

Depositphotos_2237892_s-2015Like it or not, strippers have a somewhat negative impression on some people. What’s the difference between strippers and Sydney topless waitresses? Mainly it’s all about the performance. Strippers are all about the sexy dance and strip tease. It can get heart pumping and the blood running high.

Topless waitresses are not as threatening. They’re essentially there and they serve drinks and food. It’s like the Playboy bunnies at the old Playboy club. They aren’t as active as a stripper would be. Of course, they can flirt a little but that’s what people expect from waitresses. 

If you’re still worried, you can opt for lingerie waitresses. These women would still be waitresses, but they would be wearing lingerie. This is the safest option if you’re worried about irate significant others.

Making a selection

Topless and lingerie waitressing in Sydney is an interesting industry. There are quite a few companies willing to meet your party needs with topless and lingerie waitresses. A lot of them can be quite professional about it.

One of the essential things when it comes to these is making the right selection. Many of these services have a catalog for you to look at. You’ll want to hire multiple waitresses. For one, they’re not as expensive as a stripper, so you can afford two or three. Note a small party of ten will only need two waitresses at most.

When making your choice, look at the pictures. Pick someone that would appeal to your guests. These waitresses are all quite beautiful. However, some types are more attractive to some people. If this is a personal party, you should know the tastes of your guests well enough. Also you should be aware of your budget. Some waitresses are more in demand and have a higher rate. Pick one that will fit your budget.

Now, all you need to do is wait for the date of your party to have some quality eye candy. If you made the right choice, your guests will be talking about it for a long time!


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