Ronda Rousey Knockout loss against Holly Holm

ufc193Rousey is a famous American and Olympic bronze medalist originating from judo with 12-0 win in MMA and 11 first round stoppages and one third round stoppage. Although her ground game is still her source of bread and butter, Rousey’s striking has greatly improved. On the other hand, Holm is an American mixed artists who participates in Ultimate Fighting Championship competition in bantamweight division. Holm has won all her MMA fights and has been termed as a world champion boxer.

The Holly Holm vs Ronda Rousey, UFC193 match took place on Sunday November 14, 2015. In the first round, it kicked off by Rousey swinging widely with punches to her opponent. Holm applied her tactics by circling from the outside and connected with a hard combination throwing a punch straight to Rousey’s jaw. While Rousey was clinching the blow, Holm brushed with yet other couple of punches. At this instance Rousey was bleeding through the nose although she manages to take Holm down but unfortunately she can’t get the armbar. As Rousey was struggling Holm gave hit her with a big punch. Holm pounded Rousey with some shots while Rousey tried to close the distance. Unluckily, Holm is hurt by a hook and was forced to clinch. Holm however resisted the blow and stood up while Rousey charges widely in desperation. Holm won at this round by 10-9.

The second round was a bit shorter where Rousey got several punches by Holm. Holm made her best performance and threw a head kick that knocked Rousey out.

The championship between Holm and Rousey was the biggest and most challenging in MMA history. When Holm stepped in the field, she was thought to be a danger to her opponent since she has a reputation of knocking off her competitors by using head kicks. Even though she was winning, she struggled with her first two UFC fights and people started to doubt whether she could maintain the victory. The fight between Holm and Rousey played a big role in bringing back peoples trust in Holm.

The championship did not favor Rousey as she came out to be an awful athlete who refused to touch the gloves and lost the battle to her tempered and dangerous opponent. Afetr she was announced the winner, Holm could not hide her anxiety about the win as she performed her back-flip celebration trademark. The crowd cheered her as she recorded the third victory in her career at UFC.

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