Enhanced Laser Skin Therapy in Sydney – What You Need to Know

People with skin problems are now considered lucky simply because they can now turn to laser skin therapy that is giving amazing results to most of the skin issues and problems. With enhanced or new approach to laser skin therapy, skin rejuvenation is a simple beauty procedure.

enhanced2There are various laser skin therapies or skin resurfacing. Most of these new techniques cause less bleeding and bruising, and reduced postoperative discomforts. Whereas, skin rejuvenation done through chemical peels, dermabrasion and laser dermaplaning benefits from the amazing results of enhanced laser skin therapy. However, with the amazing results, laser skin therapy should only be performed by well-trained professionals and surgeons. While it may be done in non-medical environment, it is best to ensure surgeons are licensed and are board-certified to eliminate risks and complications.

So what are the skin problems that can be treated with enhanced laser skin therapy?

There are two types of laser used to treat wrinkles and sun-damaged skin – CO2 and erbuim. CO2 laser uses short pulsed light energy or ultra pulse usually in scanning pattern to remove thin layers of skin while erbuim is used to remove surface-level deep lines but only on areas such as face, hands, neck or chest. Both have lesser recovery period and with fewer side effects and complications if not totally without. Many laser tattoo removal use erbuim laser to offer the fastest tattoo removal procedure. Those with dark skin benefit most with erbuim laser skin therapy. Vertical wrinkles around the mouth or lipstick bleed can be corrected by laser skin therapy. Deep scars caused by acne or chickenpox totally disappear using laser as well as superficial facial scars and hairs are also best treated with laser lights. Results are smooth, flawless skin and oftentimes permanent.  In fact, many laser hair removal in Sydney and in other parts of Australia are now offering laser hair removal with new laser technology.


While laser skin therapy is best recommended to treat skin problems, going under the procedure demand some preparation. Surgeons usually advise patients to give their full medical information and history including previous skin rejuvenation surgeries or procedures such as eyelids surgeries or facelifts, present and past medical conditions, medications and supplements. After your initial meeting with your surgeon and after examination, he will explain about the procedure, the risks and complications, recovery and post-operative procedures. It is also best to stop smoking and taking medications such as antibiotics and anti-virus.

Enhanced laser skin therapy like other medical procedures is expected to give the best results but as always, it is best done by professionals whom you can trust because it is you who will bear the deadly consequences.

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