Here are Some Lebanese Food Suggestions You Must Try When Visiting a Lebanese Restaurant

Exotic foods are nothing new for Australian they thrive for it. They are fond of looking for something new, especially those that are rewarding their tongue. Chicken and chips are a very good example of the best Lebanese dish to not miss while out in Sydney. When visiting a Lebanese restaurant, you’re not just limited to chicken.


This extraordinary dish is a treat for most people. Considered as Lebanon’s national food, A Lebanese restaurant in Sydney would have it in their menu. The amazing crisp than the dish provides is one of a kind, and the unique and long-lasting taste is something to die for.

Kibbeh is more than just Lebanon’s national dish, it is a treat for everyone who wants to taste the beauty of Lebanon.


Charcoal chickens are best paired with Kanafeh. This cheese dish redefines thee the meaning of cheesiness and creaminess. Its unique blend of chess, butter, and sugar with an added Lebanese twist would make anyone go crazy about it.

Rice Pilaf

rice_pilafChicken and chips are best eaten with rice, but there is a better way to eat rice, by having a rice pilaf. Lebanon’s use of rice is amazing, and they greatly rely on it on their daily use.


Restaurants need something like a healthy alternative for their customers, and sometimes, they are even overdoing it to ensure customer satisfaction. Chicken and chips paired with a Fattoush is something most Australians would like, crispy lettuce, vegetables, and bread! What more could go wrong?

Fattoush enables anyone to taste more than just vegetables and it succeeds in pulling such a feat. Although Fattoush is famously known for its home-made quality, we still highly suggest for you to try out Fattoush and its excellence in a Lebanese restaurant.

Charcoal chicken and chips

The menu wouldn’t be complete with Lebanon’s original, and something that made them popular overseas. The exquisite taste of this chicken variation is something out of the books. Any culture has a spin of roasting a chicken, but Lebanese chefs are the best when it comes to this technique.

They make sure that the ingredients are true to its nature and are something you can all see me in Lebanon. Its exclusivity and ability to adapt to different cultures makes it a flexible dish.

Lebanese cuisine promises a lot of dishes that are perfect for the everyday life of an Australian citizen. These restaurants are doing their best to strive to copy the exact recipe and bring Australia the best of Lebanon’s culture.

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