Important Tips for Installing TVs Outdoor


A good view and a breath of fresh air are ideal for binge watching with family and friends. With the availability of outdoor enclosures for television nowadays, your dream outdoor viewing lounge is made possible. Here are practical tips for a successful outdoor TV installation:

Buy the right TV set

A buyer needs to know that an indoor TV significantly differs from an outdoor TV. Make sure that you ask for technical information from your salesperson when purchasing. More likely, an outdoor TV has ultra-bright panels and anti-glare feature to optimize picture viewing under natural lighting conditions. It is also humid-resistant and equipped with the mechanism to dissipate heat.

Install the right TV cover

TV covers for outdoors are necessary. They can make or break the deal for you. They provide protection against harsh elements such as the sun, rain, dust, and man activities (like scratches, tinkerings, theft).  No matter how advanced your TV is, it still needs protection from the elements. Your TV is built to function only within a specified temperature range, and so a cover can help stabilize the conditions and avoid incidences like overheating, condensation, breakage, or corrosion.

Ensure safe installation

Seek expert help when installing your outdoor TV, especially if it’s a mounted type. It’s not just the TV itself that must be properly installed, but also the rack (if it’s a stand-alone TV). Commission the services of a skilled worker for custom outdoor enclosures. The fit is important, neither too loose nor too tight, to ensure a good ventilation. If it’s a mounted type, make sure the supporting wall is sturdy, lest it collapses. Furthermore, use waterproof cables for outdoors, preferably a drip loop or 180-degree loop that helps stop water intrusion.

Consider the size

TV size determines the size of TV covers for outside and the installation work needed. Sometimes enthusiastic homeowners get overwhelmed that they end up going for a big screen. Ensure first that you have the adequate space and the resources to shoulder the maintenance costs.

Consider the location

Choose the location for your outdoor TV wisely. Preferably, it must have access to power, adequate lighting, and within your line of sight from the inside of your house. Of course, elements are not the only enemies. You also have thieves to protect your television set from. Some outdoor enclosures are equipped with complex security systems, other than the ordinary lock and key combination.

Lastly, properly plan the installation process. Be specific as possible, and include costs in your list. When scheduling, allow a few days of possible delays due to contingencies. If you plan and hire a skilled worker, surely your installation will go smoothly.

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