The Latest Bathroom Design Trends for Hotels and Short-Term Accommodations

hotel_bath1In the olden days, bathrooms were considered as the dullest and less stylish area in a hotel. This is understandable considering the kinds of activities that go on inside it. Nowadays, ACS bathrooms have become a place of style and beauty in rental properties. In this article, we shall take a look at the latest styles and trends in hotel bathrooms.

The Return from Organic To Natural

The coming days will see the comeback of natural designs for hotel bathrooms. With this trend, we are likely to see super clean colors, seamless lines, as well as practical and simple arrangement of spaces. Materials that can be easily maintained will give ACS bathrooms a dynamic and playful atmosphere. Green plants can be a perfect addition to your rental property bathroom.

Dark Is Beautiful

Another design trend that will be making a comeback is the use of dark and moody colors. When used in the right way, dark colors can add a touch of luxury and relaxation. Cement tiles will become a popular design in bathrooms. While it may seem dull, gray can make ACS bathrooms tranquil, elegant, and dynamic. Bright and shiny surfaces will become a thing of the past. Taking their place is dark combined with clean colors.

Brass and Gold Claddings with Metal Accessories

Brass and gold claddings were quite popular bathroom designs during the 70s. This style will also make a comeback and it will be combined with metal accessories. Brass is considered the new most fashionable metal for the bathroom. This design can give bathrooms a stylish and contemporary ambiance.

Geometrical Shapes

In the future, baths in Sydney will utilize geometric shapes. Hexagon shaped tiles can complement classic shaped design of the bathroom.


Bathrooms in the future will become smaller and smaller. From the large and massive bathtubs, the transition will see smaller rooms for a more intimate and minimalist approach. Aside from the room itself, the toilet zincs and the bathtubs will also become smaller especially in urban apartments. But, a small bathroom does not mean less.

Innovative designs

Interesting models for bathroom heating systems will be introduced in the coming years. Paper origami will become popular as a design option for your bathroom. More innovative solutions will beef up the hotels of the future.

Bathrooms remodeling is an indication that the hotel and accommodation industry continues to adapt itself to the demands of the time. Bathroom design can be a huge factor in attracting more guests to your rental property.

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