Travelling to Bali on a Budget

When in Bali, you need not break the bank to have a good time. Yes, the ‘Island of the Gods’ is littered with five-star resorts, luxury accommodations, and exclusive dining establishments. But, it is also abundant with plenty of other options for more frugal travellers and to rent Bali villas is not always equivalent to splurging.

5127827994_18fe04fb53_bFrom choosing less expensive accommodations, you may also enjoy the local cuisine, scout for free attractions, and do thrilling adventures without breaking the bank. You just have to be the smart traveller who can easily ditch a rent for Bali villas at minimal fees. Here are more budget-friendly ways you can make the most of the island. Read on.

Prioritize function over form. If you are visiting Bali, it’s more likely that you have the aim of going around the island and exploring what the locale has to offer than staying cooped up in your hotel room. With this in mind, you can opt to settle for a cheap and simple lodging and rent Bali villas instead of paying for overpriced 5-star hotels. You can search for the best deals online to find suitable accommodations for your stay.

Maximize your time. At times, you may make the leap from one location to another, which makes it ideal that you find suitable accommodation at different spots. From the best villas in Seminyak to the most amazing stays, you can also make your trip more in Canggu and beyond.

Eat what the locals are having. One of the most exciting parts of travelling to another country is familiarizing yourself with and savouring the local fare. Sure, you can try out the many restaurants that serve Italian, American, and other cuisines but you cannot say you have been to Bali without indulging in the sumptuous Babi Guling (suckling pig), Bebek Betutu (slow cooked duck with local spices), or Lawar (local specialty comprised of chopped vegetables with grated coconut and local spices).

Get into the bike revolution. If you want to save on your transport fares as much as you did with the luxury Bali villas, you may opt to use bicycles or motorcycles to get around. You can rent a bike, which can take you around the island conveniently or hail an ojek (motorcycle) or order a go-jek (professional motorcycle service. These riding options can be cheaper than riding a taxi especially for close proximity areas.

For those who are looking for a paradise affair, Bali is the place to be. With people coming here, it is not difficult to find a Bali luxury villa that will suit your budget.

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