What Do Business Guests Expect In a Hotel Room

Sydney may be famous for attracting the more fun-seeking and adventurous tourist, but it is likewise a favourite among business travelers who require to do more than just travel around and sightsee. This city is home to many business hubs and if you’re going on a business travel then staying in a Sydney hotel can be costly. Few months ago, I stayed at Annandale accommodation for my business trip, and it was charming and I had a great experience.


Only a few guests can afford exclusive style luxury hotels. Rental apartments are the ideal and an affordable choice that offers homelike amenities and facilities. Any business guest can find best accommodation in Sydney , which offer considerable discounts to travelers as compared to luxury hotels. These hotels mostly charge their guests on daily basis with no discounts or offers.

Below are the top reasons why I opt for rental apartments whenever I’m on a business trip in Sydney.

  • Availability of plug points for recharging electrical devices

A business traveler comes equipped with a minimum of four electrical equipment. A smartphone, a tablet, a laptop, and a personal grooming tool all demand for power outlets. It’s good that Annandale accommodation has sufficient plug points to recharge my business devices.

  • Laundry and ironing service

Certainly, there are many travel hacks including folding and distributing your baggage which lessen wrinkles on clothing. But then again, no matter how professional these travel hacks are performed, it’s unlikely suits and shirts will appear ready to wear. This is the reason why, an efficient laundry and ironing service is extremely valued by guests who are on a business trip just like me.

  • Good night’s sleep

When I’m on a business travel, I want to have a quiet and restful place to sleep after a long day of meetings. Unlike hotels, rental apartments are normally situated in residential neighbourhoods, which offer a quieter, more peaceful stay. In Annandale accommodation, you’ll be able to work, read newspaper, or watch TV without irritation or interruption.

  • Healthy onsite eating choices

Current trends show that many modern business travelers lead a healthy and fit lifestyle. This makes food choices one of my main concerns while I’m away from home. Healthy eating options should include vegetables, fresh fruit and both meat and vegan courses. Numerous business travelers would prefer meals, made by locally grown organic harvest.

As business trip demand grows, a lot of accommodation providers have to make wise investments to reflect on their standing and find better means to indulge business travelers like me as well as ensure business continuity.

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