What Led To The Brangelina Divorce?

Hollywood’s favorite couple has called it quits. Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, who got married two years ago, have filed for divorce last week. This surprising entertainment news came after Jolie filed for divorce in Los Angeles. She has cited irreconcilable differences as the reason for the divorce. The couple has six children and Angelina Jolie has sought full custody of the kids.


The beautiful romance between the two leading stars of Hollywood started while filming for the film “Mr. & Mrs Smith” in 2005. The couple soon became besotted with each other and decided to enter into a relationship. The couple became the poster couple for Hollywood with their chemistry and love. The next 12 years of relationship saw many ups and downs with Angelina being diagnosed with the cancer gene. Jolie went for a double mastectomy after the diagnosis as the gene increased her chances of suffering from breast cancer by 87%. She also went for a hysterectomy after being detected with signs of ovarian cancer. All these instances made her feel closer to Brad as he took complete care of her in the testing times.

The trouble in the paradise came after rumours of an extra-marital affair started circulating. The rumours suggested that Brad Pitt had an affair with his co-star Marion Cottilard. The rumours also hinted that Angelina hired a private detective to keep an eye on Brad. All these rumours were put to rest when the real reason for the divorce came out in the open. The final decision for separation came after an incident on the couple’s private plane where Brad had an altercation with Jolie in front of the kids. The witnesses said that Pitt was in an inebriated state and abused Jolie and the kids. Jolie also came out in the open saying that the decision of divorce is to protect the health of the family.

The divorce has shattered the close-knit Jolie-Pitt family. After 15 years of filmy romance, divorce is the final word for our beloved Brangelina. Final Divorce proceedings will start in a few days. The custody of the kids will be the prime concern for the court as Brad has sought joint custody. The Brangelina Divorce is the final nail in the coffin for the volatile Hollywood relationships which crumble under the spotlight. TMore often than not, the actors come together for a film and end up in a relationship. The romance, however, is short-lived and ends up in a bitter separation after the test of time.

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